Gulf Breeze Will Do is proud to announce the finalists for the 2021 grant cycle.

Through the diligent work of our grant review committees, our participating Gulf Breeze Will Do members have narrowed the field to the following nine finalists.

The vote to determine the winners will take place at the Gulf Breeze Will Do General Membership Meeting on November 14, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. at the Gulf Breeze Recreation Center.

If members are unable to attend, they may request an absentee ballot. All absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than November 9, 2021 to be counted.


  • Applicant:                                  Katelyn Kent
  • Grant Request:                          $9,900.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to pay for 18 Dell 13″ 3310 Latitude Laptops.
  • Changes in Attitudes with Latitudes is a project request for eighteen, Dell 13″ 3310 Latitude Laptops. Through this project, my eighteen first grade students will learn and master various tips, tricks and skills on the computer. My students will learn how to conduct and collect research. These students will also complete independent work, create an online portfolio of work samples, and create as well as publish various projects. My students will collaborate during group work using the Latitude Laptop by solving various breakout math scenarios, publishing projects, reading digital material, and using digital resources to create various Makerspace projects. My students will pilot this technology initiative within our classroom before being partnered with other first grade students to complete various collaborative projects. In addition, my pilot students will also mentor kindergarten students to work on their communication skills while solving innovating, real world problems through various STEM projects all while teaching them impo1tant information about how to use technology. My students will learn how to express and communicate their thoughts with peers within our class as well as across multiple classes and grade levels. In summary, Changes in Attitudes with Latitudes focuses on three things: Collaborating, Innovating and Communicating.


  • Applicant:                                  Ralph Thomas
  • Grant Request:                          $2730.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase festival advertising.
  • Gulf Breeze Arts is an all-volunteer 50lc3 nonprofit organization with a goal to support art in the Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach area. Gulf Breeze Arts coordinates an art festival each year in March. Funds derived from the festival are used to support art enhancement programs in schools in south Santa Rosa County and Pensacola Beach. Over the past 26 years Gulf Breeze Arts has donated over 100,000 dollars to local art teachers for art enhancement projects. We were able to donate money the past year even though we had to cancel the festival. Funds are now at an all time low. The requested grant will provide needed advertising to promote the next festival. This will ensure a successful festival and will enable Gulf Breeze Arts to once again provide money to local art teachers for art enhancement projects. The art festival needs to have local support from businesses and organizations such as Gulf Breeze Will Do to be successful.

LESS PLASTIC, MORE ART – Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Church Kidz Program

  • Applicant:                                  Kimberly Carruth
  • Grant Request:                          $1,915.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase a room divider and a bottle refilling station. 
  • We have started an after-school arts program that is open to families from the Children’s Place, GBES and OBE students. We will be painting, making pottery with air dry clay, textile arts, bead work, baking cookies and decorating for service project, collaboration artwork with each other and learning about artist from past and present. Some artwork is made and sent home to their adults so they can see what we have been working on, some is saved for an art show at the end of the semester. That is what the Versare room divider would help with, dividing the space as well as hanging artwork the children have worked hard to complete. The bottle filling station will help us to reduce the amount of plastic we use during snack time. The children already have water bottles from school, and it would be less germ spread and easy access for the children to refill their own bottles.


  • Applicant:                                  Susan Junot
  • Grant Request:                          $5,801.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase a stage, tool shed, flowers, vegetables and supplies to create an outdoor garden.
  • In August of 2019, the operator of a massage parlor at the corner of Highway 98 and College Parkway was arrested and subsequently convicted of sex trafficking. It happened right in our community! This prompted the creation of Magdalene’s Inc., a S0l(c) (3) corporation, to expose human trafficking in our area and provide services to survivors. In April of this year, Magdalene’s leased that same building and has invested more than $50,000 in donated funds and in-kind services to renovate the building that now houses Magdalene’s Gifts & Gatherings, a non-residential storefront to generate revenue for programming. This is a request for $5,801.00 to add Beyond the Garden Gate to Magdalene’s Gifts & Gathering, which is staffed by more than 20 volunteers each week and features artisan designed products, including products crafted by survivors of trafficking. We propose to add outdoor demonstration gardens and a gathering area to promote sales of native and other eco-friendly plants. While this is intended to increase marketing and revenue, these gardens are also designed to serve a therapeutic purpose. When we take the time to respect and appreciate nature, we grow in appreciation and respect of ourselves and others. 

OPEN AIR CLASSROOM – LET’S GO OUTSIDE! – Gulf Breeze Elementary School

  • Applicant:                             Melody Griffin
  • Grant Request:                    $9,984.00                                                     
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase installation of a 24′ x 24′ paver area and landscaping plants.
  • Picture this! It’s a beautiful 80-degree day and you are a 3rd grader begging your teacher to go outside. How incredible would it be to have science class in an open-air classroom? Gulf Breeze Elementary wants to make this possible for our teachers and students by creating a sustainable culture of outdoor learning. Our prototype 24′ X 24′ open-air classroom is almost ready to go! We have the sunshade and the white board waiting to be installed. Now we need the ground cover including pavers and landscaping so the students have a place to settle in so they aren’t sitting in the dirt. It’s the final step to make this happen. There is support for outdoor learning from numerous sources. The Natural Connections project in the UK found that 92% of students in their outdoor classroom project said they enjoyed their lessons more when outdoors and 90% felt happier and healthier as a result. 79% of teachers reported positive impacts on their teaching practices when teaching outdoors. 

OUT WITH THE OLD…PLAYGROUND EQUPMENT – Gulf Breeze Community Preschool (a division of Santa Rosa County Schools) 

  • Applicant:                                  Kellie Glass
  • Grant Request:                          $10,000.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase playground equipment, including shipping.
  • Outdoor play provides many benefits to children including improving motor and communication skills and developing an appreciation for the environment. The playground equipment at Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Church (GBPC) which is used daily by the Gulf Breeze Community Preschool is at least 20 years old and in need of replacement. Our grant request is for $10,000 to replace the existing playground equipment and provide a safe, fun, stimulating outdoor space for children to enjoy for many years.


  • Applicant:                                  Kimberly Giryluk
  • Grant Request:                          $2,336.00                                      
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase sixteen resin chairs and portable bocce ball court.
  • We are opening a Gulf Breeze Senior Center to serve the 13,000 men and women residents in the Gulf Breeze zip codes over 55. There is currently not a senior center in our area. Our mission is to connect and support them through programs that promote wellness, social connection, and education. The motto is “Our Fun Place.” We are planning to offer 25 hours of activities weekly. The activities include yoga, tai chi, bocce ball, line dancing, arts and crafts. book club, nutrition classes taught by the University of Florida, presentations by the Florida Panhandle Archaeology Network, and games. 
    St. Francis Church in Gulf Breeze has given us the space to use for the center. We will be open Monday through Friday. We are requesting $2332.98, for outdoor chairs ($1,236.29) and a bocce ball court 
    ($1096.69). The chairs are high back arm chairs with a 300# weight capacity. These chairs will be taken in nightly. The bocce ball court kit includes a 22’x6′ portable court with collapsible sides. 

S.K.I.L.L.S. SAVES LIVES – Midway Fire Department          

  • Applicant:                                        Michael Osban
  • Grant request:                                 $8,825.00
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase a fire extinguisher training system. 
  • The BullEx Intelligent Training System (l.T.S.) is a live fire training tool that teaches students the proper utilization of a fire extinguisher in a safe, controlled and educational manner. In stark contrast to 
    traditional fire extinguisher training systems, there are no messy or dangerous dry chemicals used, the fire extinguisher does not require professional maintenance after each use and the fire used in the training can be started and stopped with the push of a button. This not only provides a safer environment for the trainer and trainee but also reduces the cost involved for each training session allowing for more training opportunities. In addition to its safety features. this training tool is compact and easily portable making it ideal for setting up training sessions anywhere. 

TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN – Santa Rosa County Education Foundation

  • Applicant:                                   Monica Turner
  • Grant Request:                          $8,318.72
  • GBWD funds will be used to purchase a four-year tuition scholarship.
  • Take Stock in Children (TSIC) is·a state-wide organization founded in 1995 in response to the need for a program that provides more than financial assistance to our economically disadvantaged, college bound students. We operate locally under the Santa Rosa Education Foundation and offer a unique opportunity for low-income, at-risk students to escape the cycle of poverty through education. Students selected from across the county, to include Gulf Breeze, receive a caring volunteer mentor, student advocacy, one-on-one college and career readiness, as well as a college scholarship. Our
    comprehensive program provides incentives and resources to help underserved students stay in school, earn a high school diploma, graduate from college and enter the workforce. Services start in grades 6-9, continue through high school, and include post­secondary retention and completion services. The 117 students currently in our program signed performance contracts agreeing to
    earn good grades, exhibit positive behavior, and remain drug and crime free. If all program requirements are met, students receive 4 years of college tuition. 100% of funds raised within Santa Rosa County are equally matched with state funds to purchase a 4-year Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan to sponsor a child for participation in our program.