Member FAQs

I live outside the 32561 and 32563 area. Can I still become a member?

Absolutely. Just understand that all grants will be awarded to those helping others in the greater Gulf Breeze area.

I would like to serve in some capacity. Where do I fit?

We need women willing to serve on our grant committees. You will be charged with reviewing grant requests to make sure they meet our criteria and more. Just let us know that you want to help.

My company has matching funds. Can I pay half the dues and let them pay the other?

While we wish we could accommodate this request, we cannot.

My employer, who’s a man, wants to help us. What can he do?

Gulf Breeze Will Do needs friends, friends who are willing to donate tax deductible funds to cover our operating expenses as we 100% of our dues fund the grants.

I’m confused. Do I have to pay twice a year?

No. Our membership drive begins in November and ends in January. For example, if you’re renewing or joining for the first time, the dues you pay this November make you a member in good standing for 2017. If you paid those dues in January, you are member in good standing for 2017. We do, however, get to vote in two grant cycles each year, one in April and the other in November.